Covid-19 Update

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Important Covid-19 Update

Rules for entering the Shree Krishna Temple

1. Please wash or sanitise your hands, and wear a face mask at ALL TIMES in the Temple.
2. Please observe and follow the 2M distancing at all time.
3. DO NOT bring any Prasad to the temple as it will not be accepted.
4. Please limit your time in the Temple and DO NOT talk to fellow devotees.
5. Please put your donations in the new box provided.
6. DO NOT go to any other parts of the Temple.
7. If you or anyone in your family is showing/has shown any symptoms of Coronavirus, please don’t come to the temple.

All the above rules are made keeping in mind the safety of the devotees who visit the temple. We apologise on behalf of the organisation for any inconvenience caused by the above rules.

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